Body Found in Big Spring is a Male
by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- A body was found in a field earlier this week in Big Spring and that has opened up a lot of questions. Rumors and speculation traveled across the nation like wildfire. Now we're getting some answers and clearing up some of those rumors.

On Tuesday, March 21, workers from Desert Tank at the Big Spring Airpark found a body. The workers immediately called police and the investigation began. The FBI recovery team out of Dallas came in to secure the evidence and the area.

Since the recent findings, there has been a lot of speculation on who's body it is and on Friday a report is clearing up a lot of the rumors.

"The only thing that we have confirmed is that the remains are of a male," Sergeant Tony Everett, with the Big Spring Police Department, said..

Police say more testing still needs to be done in order for them to find out more information and determine who it is.

"If they find DNA, what we are wanting to know is how old the person is? How long the person has been deceased, that type of thing. We will just have to wait and see if they can answer those type of questions for us," Everett said.

Big Spring Police are still working two missing person cases but they say it's to early to know if it's them. Right now, they don't want to start contemplating the others until more facts are revealed from the Medical Examiner.

"We have seen what speculation can do, I'm going to wait for the results and we will go from there. That is the only thing you can do," Everett said.

Residents in Big Spring had mixed reactions about the recent findings.

"It it's a male, I think it may be one of the two missing here. Maybe somebody else will get closure," Big Spring Resident, Anne King, said.

"It will stop alot of the rumors. I talked to a friend in Waco the night before last and even in Waco they had already decided that it was Hailey Dunn," Big Spring Resident, Jack Tonn, said.

"Maybe if it's the Bynum family, they will finally get closure as to where their son and family members have been located so it will be good for them," Big Spring Resident, Jami King, said.

Big Spring Police will have to wait for a few weeks for a full report from Tarrant County.