Blue Ridge Developer Submits Proposals for Problems
By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The developer of the controversial Blue Ridge Apartments has come up with some solutions to appease nearby angry homeowners.

It all stems over the placement of the buildings, which lets tenants look right into their back yards.

The Midland City Council plans to vote on those solutions next week.

The developer, Ken Lokey, presented designs to the city last month. Those designs detail how their proposals will fix the line of sight issues from the Apartments into residents' backyards.

If the council approves their proposals, carports will be built between the fence and the Apartments that face homes on Caldera Drive.

These carports would be a little more than 18 feet tall and the developer said they should block the line of sight.

Greenery will also be put in place so that tenants can't be seen going into their units.

And for the third story only, they want to put a film on windows as well as installing slanted wood shutters on the balcony windows in an effect to prevent tenants and homeowners from being able to see one another.

But at the public hearing meeting last month, one resident, Rhonda Trammell, said it's not just third floor apartments that makes them uneasy.

"I open my door to call my dogs in and there was a worker on the second story balcony, waved at me. The second story," Trammell said. "You know it's not just the third story, it's the second stories that can see in."

One homeowner said she and her husband saved their whole life to buy their dream house which they found on Caldera Drive.

She said they only lived in it for two months before this "nightmare began."