by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring school board met Thursday. Among agenda items the board discussed the plans for renovations to the Steer Baseball Park.

Most of the discussion surrounded costs and an effort to keep an eye on expenditures as the project progresses. Supt. Steven Saldivar expressed concerns regarding overall funding, the projected Texas budget deficit, and monies owed to the Big Spring School District by the Texas Education Agency that have yet to be received.

Administration and trustees all agreed to proceed with things like the baseball park project cautiously.

Trustees also discussed an upcoming technology audit for the school district. The service will determine technologies, mostly software, that are currently being used on Big Spring campuses, and when complete, should indicate details on what is being used efficiently, what's not being used, and what should be used more.

The technology audit is only costing the school district a few hundred dollars. Trustee Phil Furqueron asked administration to please include an analysis of the high school laptop program as well to make sure it is optimized.

Supt. Steven Saldivar briefly reviewed the "working on the work" program, or w.o.w. The program is in its infancy at Big Spring ISD, but an integral part of w.o.w. is hearing input from students directly on education issues.

Supt. Saldivar has already begun meeting with students and plans to continue to meet monthly with youth on both the high school and junior high school campuses.