Big Spring Resident Dealing with Pests Inside Her Apartment
By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Roaches, rats, and mice. Imagine living with the pests everyday. One Big Spring woman says that's exactly what she's dealing with inside her apartment and she wants something done about it.

"Everyday, I have to clean everything," Mallory Luna said.

19-year-old Luna is a single mother of two; she's lived at the Northcrest Apartments for four months. From day one, Mallory has dealt with the pests.

"It's gradually getting worse and worse to the point where you step off your bed and there is a roach by your foot. You will be walking and you will see a mouse pop its head out," Luna said.

Things have gotten so bad that she has to store her food and silverware in plastic containers. Mallory says the apartment complex exterminates once a month but it's still not helping. She's complained several times to the manager.

"I went to talk to her and there is nothing they could do," Luna said.

According to Mallory, her neighbors are having the same problem but none of them would talk to us on camera. The reason Mallory lives at Northcrest is because it's assisted housing and she can't afford to go anywhere else.

"In the meantime I guess I have to stay with the mice while they come out. My kids shouldn't have to go through this," Luna said.