Big Spring Mayor Under Investigation
by Anayeli Ruiz 
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Big Spring Mayor Tommy Duncan is now under the microscope. The Texas Rangers are investigating claims that Duncan may have taken some campaign money illegally. NewsWest 9 first heard word of story through rumors and word of mouth.

On Friday afternoon, the Howard County Sheriff's Department confirmed the Mayor is under investigation. The Howard County Sheriff's office says the allegations were presented to them on Thursday by the local paper, the Big Spring Herald. The Herald posted an article on Friday saying the information they received was from a "confidential informant."

Officials then investigated and found evidence that Duncan accepted $800 dollars in contributions from two Big Spring companies. That is a violation of the election code for a Mayoral candidate to accept donations from a corporation. Allegedly, he accepted money from two corporations, Hydrodynamics Incorporated and Quad A Incorporated.

According to the sheriff, he's turned over the investigation to the Texas Rangers because he felt it would be improper for his office to investigate due to the close working relationship that they have with the city.

According to the District Attorney, it's still to early for any comments regarding the investigation.

"Making myself familiar with them, I said 'yes, we do what we can and asked help from The Texas Rangers.' Looking into the matter and having said that the investigation is right at its Genesis. It's at the very beginning and for me to comment any further and say their looking at it would be premature and way too judgmental," 118th Judicial District Attorney, Hardy Wilkerson, said.

The District Attorney said that, if found guilty, the corporations and the Mayor could be looking at a Class A Misdemeanor to a 3rd degree felony.

NewsWest 9 tried contacting the Mayor but so far have not heard back from him.