Big Lake Standoff Suspect Charged With Capital Murder
Staff Report
NewsWest 9

BIG LAKE - The suspect in the Big Lake standoff Wednesday is only charged with attempted capital murder for now.

Marcus Madison is being held at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo under armed guard.

State troopers say that's because Madison is in the hospital but once he's released the charges could be upgraded to capital murder.

Madison was brought to the hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the face.

However, we're told his injuries are not life threatening.

Madison is accused of shooting and killing Reagan County Deputy Josh Mitchell on Wednesday night.

The Sheriff says Mitchell went to talk to Madison at his father's home about a situation earlier in the day.

That's when, for some reason not yet known, the Sheriff says Madison shot and killed Mitchell.

Madison then barricaded himself inside the house as his father left.

The standoff lasted for nearly 17 hours.

It came to an end after 11 a.m. Thursday morning when the SWAT team moved in.