MIDLAND, Texas — Countless local business owners are struggling to recover from the profits they've lost over the last two months. 

A local favorite, 'Beer Garden' is no different.  

Tonight when they shut their doors, they won't be opening again. 

"We've had some good years, and some bad years but overall we've had some success," said Jorge Hernandez Jr., the owner and founder of 'Beer Garden'. 

He's saying goodbye to what's his livelihood has depended on for the last 5 years.

"Originally I was supposed to build a wedding venue and I couldn't get anyone to build the building that I needed under budget so I ended up taking my seed money and building a beer garden with my dad," said Hernandez. "Its been part of my identity the last five years that's part of it I have some really great staff that became family and letting them go is tough" 

It wasn't an easy decision for Hernandez to make but he said it was inevitable and better to make it now than later. 

"We've lost two of our best months of revenue and I usually save some to make it through the wintertime to take care of my staff," said Herandez. 

Even if the garden were to open at full capacity later in the summer, Hernandez says they'd still have to close their doors this winter. 

Beer Garden was created out of adversity, so in the future maybe Hernandez will create something new out of the garden. 

"There's a possibility... I just don't know what we're going to do yet i may just pause for a minute and see what next year looks like," said Hernandez. 

But tonight, the local favorite's doors will close indefinitely.