Anonymous People Pay Off Wal-Mart Layaway Accounts in Big Spring
By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Many Big Spring families are feeling especially grateful. Christmas is still a few days away but some anonymous people gave them an early present.

"Not in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen," customer, Karla Olivas, said.

"I feel just real thankful and appreciative for all of it," customer, Ester Gomez, said.

You may have heard it happening in other states.

Complete strangers coming into stores and paying off layaway accounts for others.

On Saturday, a secret Santa walked into the Big Spring Wal-Mart to pay it forward.

"It touched his heart when he heard it so he wanted to do something like that here in Big Spring so he came and asked if he could pay off layaways here," Asst. Manager, Erica Rodriquez, said.

The man only had one condition.

"He wanted only with toys, all toys on there," Rodriquez said. "We started adding it up and he saw the total and he's like 'Oh a little, little more.'"

The anonymous donor ended up paying off 22 layaway accounts totaling over $2,000.

"He just said he had been in hard times and he knew how it was and he just wanted to make sure everybody had a Merry Christmas," Rodriquez said. "I couldn't believe it, I had to walk away because I kind of teared up."

The same thing happened on Tuesday morning. Another anonymous person came in to pay off six more accounts.

Karla Olivas and Ester Gomez were some of those.

"I started crying," Olivas said. "Right now, it's really tough for some families. I've got five kids and it's really tough for a lot of people."

"I was really excited," Gomez said. "I couldn't believe people still have a heart like that."

They say the surprise couldn't have come at a better time.

"It's a huge relief off my back to know that somebody out there is generous enough to do this," Olivas said.

It's giving these families a Christmas they'll never forget.

"Thank you to the secret Santa or whoever it was," Gomez said. "We appreciate it and you'll be in our hearts and prayers."

"Thank you very much," Olivas said. "You guys don't realize what it does for people and it's just really nice that somebody would do that."