BRIGHTON, Colo. — There are a variety of reasons why it’s sometimes best to just ignore the comments on places like Facebook, and this is one instance Indiana Jones would wholeheartedly endorse.

After all: “Why did it have to be snakes?”

Let’s go back to the beginning. On Wednesday night, we posted a video from Brighton resident Kolleen Hancock, who had doorbell camera footage depicting a snake slithering across her door and apparently trying to invite himself over for dinner.

It’s the type of video that makes you say, “Nope!” – especially because at least, according to the comments, this isn’t that rare of an occurrence here in Colorado (or to quote what many folks love to comment on Facebook, “THIS ISN’T NEWS.").

For instance, Chantrelle Crespin saw this “pretty snake” (is that a thing?!) last year and “made sure it got across the street safely.”

Pretty snek

Jamie Koval-Holladay found a copperhead in her neighbor’s yard, and instead of doing the logical thing and moving across the city to get away from it, she picked it up and snapped a picture.


Casey Zimmerman, meanwhile, was greeted with this rope of “nope!” on her door.

Rope of Nope

This isn’t a snake, but Karla Archuleta’s doorbell camera saw something equally terrible.

Spider post

Amber Nicole Brooks’ 9-year-old kid, meanwhile, is braver than most of us.

Snek Kid

Beyond the snake photos, the comments ran the gamut.

“Poor baby,” wrote Laura Ferre. “He just wants to find some place to nest. Let him in from the cold.”

Cherrise Farley had the exact opposite sentiment.

“In native culture a snake in the house is a bad omen,” she wrote.

Jessica Pappas, meanwhile, immediately realized what this was about.

“Everyone is freaking out … but he just wants to talk to you about his lord and savior, Salazar Slytherin,” her comment read.

Fifty seven people liked it, which proves that while the internet is a divisive place, we can all agree that a well-placed Harry Potter joke needs some love. 

In other snake news, one time a South Metro firefighter reached into the grill of a car and pulled out a snake. Since it's important to recognize that not all heroes wear capes, we put a story on TV about it.

You can watch that snake content below. 

Do you want to traumatize the 9NEWS digital team? (Except for our EP loves snakes but we can unpack that later). Send us your snake videos at We’ll take pretty sunset and cat photos too, for what it's worth.

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