BIG SPRING, Texas — On the south side of scenic mountain view of Big Spring you'll find a farm with a farmer that's full of passion.

"Oh, I just use the talents god gave me that's all”, Vance Smith lives his life in a big Texas kind of way… "I am a 5th generation cotton farmer in west Texas, I began farming on my own at 17".

He and his employees take care of a farm with around 2,500 acres of cotton.

"Cotton is the primary cash crop for west Texas and its always been a part of the farm for generations back.". 

 But Vance had even bigger dreams, so they now also produce 200 acres of corn, "I'm the first one in the family to grow corn for grain production."

That's not his biggest accomplishment though, the next time you see him wearing a pair of Wranglers on his ranch, they might be part of the new Wranglers jean line that's made from 100% sustainable, traceable-to-the-farm cotton.  

Traceable right back to his cotton farm in Big Spring. But he's humble about it, "Wrangler is the tag on the jeans... that's the name behind the company but the people that I deal with are just normal people. Just looking for a way to make a better life".

No matter the season, nor the crop… Vince Smith is proud to be a fifth-generation cotton farmer, "I’m proud of my family and what they left for me to take care of. There's an old saying that if you don't know where you came from... You don't know where you're going”.