MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The high cost of Housing in Midland is nothing new to hear about, whether renting or the price tag on buying a house.

Still, the dream of home ownership might be something you are thinking about; the trick in this oil boom is just finding affordable housing.

Midland City Council approved a $150,000.00 block grant contract Tuesday with Midland Community Development Corporation.

"A critical component of being able to be able to bring in some additional affordable housing because of the housing crises that we have in this community we need to be able to generate rooftops at all income levels," David Diaz, Executive Director of Midland Community Development Corporation.

Before you get too excited, not everyone will be able to walk into the home of their dreams, there are still qualifications that will need to be met.

"They will have to qualify for a typical FHA mortgage to be able to qualify for a 30-year mortgage," Diaz said.

However, the city isn't taking their time with this project. Construction starts next week and MCDC says the homes will be turn-key ready by next summer.

The 11 single-family homes will be located on Main and Culbert street in Midland.

Each unit will be 1,300 Square foot with three bedrooms and two baths.