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When is my stimulus check arriving, and what should I do with it?

Financial Advisor Mickey Cargile says the economic relief payment should serve just that purpose - relief.

TEXAS, USA — Have you been cracking into the piggy bank, or losing you're patience because your stimulus check has yet to arrive?

Well, you're not alone, millions of Americans have yet to receive the payments, regardless of a direct deposit or mailed out a payment option.

Though you'd be hard-pressed to find exact information why.

Payments started on December 29, and are set to continue through January 15.

You can also check your status on IRS.gov with the "Get My Payment" tool.

Though you may find a Payment Status: Not Available, without any concrete answers as to your particular case.

Right now, the message from the IRS is to be patient in the process, though if you've changed banks or your payment truly never comes.

You'll have to wait until your 2020 tax return and apply for what's called a "Recovery Rebate Credit."

On the other hand, let's say you're among the millions who've got their stimulus check.

What's next?

Here's some advice from Mickey Cargile of Cargile Investments Management.

"This is a relief payment, there are a lot of people who need that money, but if you don't particularly need it, use it to get financially stronger," said Cargile.

If you find yourself behind on bills, or unemployed and using credit to get by, don't get cute with your economic relief spending.

"If you're unemployed and living off your credit cards then you need to use that money as part of your living expenses," said Cargile.

Though, if you're employed and stable, he still doesn't recommend buying up stocks with this money at least.

"The stock market always involves risks but when you look at interest-bearing accounts they are not paying any interest right now, so it's smart to put it away for a rainy day fund, it's also smart to just contribute it to your overall savings or investment account let it be a part of your portfolio," said Cargile.