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They're shaping up to be this season's most in-demand product, and they've become increasingly difficult to find over the past week.

But if color-changing cups haver been sold out at your local Starbucks, fear not: they should soon be back in stock.

"We can confirm that... the cups will be restocked in limited quantities soon," a spokesperson for Starbucks said in an email. She did not give a specific date for restocking.

If you can find them, you can buy a five-pack of the reusable color-changing 24-ounce cups at Starbucks in the U.S. and Canada for $16.95. The cups come in five colors — rose, citron, sky, apricot and arctic — that change when the cup contains cold liquid.

The cups have caused a sensation on social media, and some Starbucks locations said the cups sold out the day they went on sale. Five-packs of the cups are now available on eBay for as much as $70.

"We are thrilled with our customers’ excitement for the new summertime cups," the Starbucks spokesperson said via email. She noted that the cups are reusable; customers who use the cups when ordering a cold drink can save 10 cents.

"As a company we are working to increase the recycled content, recyclability and reusability of our cups and packaging," she wrote. "We continue to encourage customers to make a simple shift of bringing in a reusable cup when visiting Starbucks."


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