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Midland County Horseshoe Arena nearing completion of transition following latest change

The Horseshoe Arena has a new pricing structure it hopes will attract more guests and events. After a summer of transition, this is one of the final adjustments.

MIDLAND, Texas — We’ve been keeping you in the loop over the last few months about the transition that’s been surrounding the Midland County Horseshoe Arena. 

On Monday, the Midland County Commissioners' Court approved another change to Horseshoe operations. 

The commissioners approved a new pricing structure that the Horseshoe presented. This change will make it easier on the staff to book events while adding transparency to the community, with the arena now ready to move forward. 

After a Summer of transition for the Horseshoe Arena, the future looks to bring stability. 

“This is really going to help put almost that final piece into place where we can start moving forward," said Horseshoe Director Ken Olson.

Olson worked closely with commissioners to finalize this change in pricing structure. 

“We went to kind of a different structure as far as a Monday-through-Thursday, Friday-through-Saturday and a holiday pricing," Olson said. "Some of that was already in place, some things weren’t necessarily listed as having a price across the board, so we kind of made sure everything had a rate and everything was consistent.” 

The new structure is also using a new system. 

“We have a new booking software, so this will make it easier for the team to go through and add to – like I said – the menu pricing where they can select each day [and] each time specific to that space and that venue," Olson said. 

The hope for this change is to make the Horseshoe a more attractive option. 

“I think it will bring in more guests," Olson said. "I think it will bring in some different events – as well as we have a structure in place to keep those tenured events that we truly care about them coming back, and we value their business and I know they value having a space like ours.” 

A space that wants to utilize its features. 

“We want to bring back some dirt events, rodeo events, I’m not as well-versed in them so we’re still looking up into exactly how to get them back and what to do, but I think we have some great contacts and we’re going to start moving that way," Olson said. 

As the seasons change, the Horseshoe Arena is aiming for a Fall full of progress. 

“This is kind of the final piece to put in place after this whole transition," Olson said. "We have some new policies, we have a new way to book events [and] now we have a new, solid structure.” 

Olson noted that they will also take care of all fees ahead of time so that when events are finished the process is done. He also mentioned how excited he is for the new pricing structure to be in place as they are already getting requests for the holidays and next Summer. 

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