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The unprecedented events of 2020 could give you ‘disaster fatigue’

With so much happening in the world, the negativity is beginning to put a strain on many people.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — With the relentless onslaught of significant events this year, many people are finding themselves often feeling drained and upset. This feeling has been dubbed "disaster fatigue," which is what happens when a person becomes so inundated in negative news, it begins to strain their emotions and health.

Ben Hubert, a counselor with the West Texas Counseling and Guidance, said the absorption of negativity gives people these negative thoughts, which turns into their emotions, and finally come out in their actions. These actions could be how they treat the people in their lives or their physical habits such as eating, smoking or drinking.

It is possible for a person’s disaster fatigue to snowball as more things happen around them. Hubert said to ease the stress, people need to step back from the information overload and focus on something positive. He said seeking out good news or taking a break to do something pleasing will help you balance the negative with the positive.

Something else people should take into consideration is their use of social media.

Between people arguing about difference of opinions and pretending to have lives they don’t, Hubert said social media platforms are a breeding ground for "fake news" and negativity. He said when someone writes something on a post they wouldn’t say in person, they are becoming the very thing they are fighting against and feed into the problem.

If someone feels their reaction to any of the events happening in the world begins to cause significant impairment to how they live their life, they should seek out professional help. Hubert said a quick Google search of local counselors could help connect anyone with the help they need.