SAN ANGELO, Texas — Veterinarian Gary Hodges, Western Veterinary Hospital, said lilies can be dangerous to cats.

"If you have cats in your house and they have free roam I would not have lilies in my house," Hodges said.  

But is the lily fatal?

"If not taken care of quickly and over a lot of medications can cause death in cats," Hodges said.

We can verify that Easter lilies can lead to death in felines. The FDA can also support Hodges' claims, giving a list of common names and scientific names of lilies that are most dangerous for cats.

Hodges said that it is not just dangerous for your cat to eat the plant, but even just contact with the pollen can be deadly.

"The whole plant is toxic even the pollen is toxic so if the cat gets the pollen onto its coat it can be toxic," Hodges said.  

If your cat has been in contact with, or digested a lily flower, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.