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Why are there so many strays in the Permian Basin?

Fix West Texas talked about the reasons for so many stray animals locally.

MIDLAND, Texas — West Texas is known for its high population of stray animals, whether that be cats or dogs.

The main reason as to why that is the case has to do with people just not getting their pets fixed.

“The most obvious to us is spay and neuter. There has not been low cost spay and neuter in this area," Director of Adoptions at Fix West Texas Beth Meeks said. "The expense at veterinary clinics for spays and neuters can run anywhere from $300 to $900. Most people don’t have that kind of money to get their pet fixed.”

This can lead to more animals ending up on the streets if their owners can’t keep them.

According to Meeks this is why pet adoptions are more important in areas like the Permian Basin.

But Meeks said there’s another thing that contributes to the pet overpopulation in our area.

“And there’s no spay and neuter ordinances in Midland or Odessa. A lot of towns that you see where there is no pet overpopulation there are ordinances in place where pets are required to be spayed or neutered," Meeks said. "Or the licensing fee is a lot more hefty if your pet is not spayed or neutered.”

If you'd like to help animals in need of homes but aren't in a position to formally adopt one, fostering is an option that still goes a long way to help.

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