CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A south Charlotte family has been reunited with their beloved family dog after losing her. The family said Ivy bolted after a rollover accident at the intersection of Highway 74 and I-140 in Leland. 

Luckily, the Williams family is okay. It happened on the way to Topsail Beach for Memorial Day.

"Once they all got out I climbed out of the top and made sure everyone was ok and next thing you know people were like, 'The dog ran off,'" Michael Williams said.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page Saturday night that she was recovered by Brunswick Sheriff's Animal Protective Services. 

BCSO said she was captured in a humane trap Saturday evening on I-140. 

Her family made the trip from Charlotte to Brunswick County Sunday morning to reunite with her. BCSO posted photos of Ivy waiting to see her family again. Ivy, who had been gone for days, received a bath before the big reunion. 

Ivy found
Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

At 9 a.m. Sunday, the family arrived and had a tearful reunion with the lost pup. 

In a video taken of the reunion, Ivy is visibly overwhelmed and happy to be back with her family, crawling all over them and wagging her tail nonstop -- only stopping to drink water. 

She appears to be just fine with no injuries, officials said.

It took an army of people to find Ivy, but now the family will heal together.

This week, between being in such a horrible accident and then trying to make sure that we're all okay, you know, physically, and then the stress of not knowing where she was," Abby Williams reflected on the chain of events, adding that now the family can start healing. "Because it's been a rough week."

Charlotte family reunites with missing dog