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Beyond the Bow: National Weather Service employee dedicates life to keeping people safe

Greg Murdoch has spent 30 years keeping the area safe from fire.

MIDLAND, Texas — Weather and the environment can not only be inconvenient at times, but it can also get destructive and dangerous.

Greg Murdoch moved to West Texas back in 1991 with one goal: to protect the public.

After 30 years of experience and several awards later, Murdoch can happily say he's accomplished what he hoped to achieve, protecting the area from fire, one of nature's most ferocious forces .

"I arrived in West Texas to work for the National Weather Service in Midland in 1991, in March, and I've been here since then. As time progressed, I showed an interest in fire weather and that became an emphasis in my career," Murdoch said.

If you've lived in Texas for very long, you know how common and dangerous wildfires can be. That's why we have people like Murdoch, who is the Fire Weather Program Manager at the Midland branch of the NWS.

Thanks to Murdoch and others like him, we have improved fire weather forecasts and fire management strategies to help protect people's homes, property and lives.

After 30 years of public service and accomplishing so much, Murdoch has decided to retire at the end of 2022.

"It's been an honor to serve the people of West Texas, and the protection of life and property which is the mission of the National Weather Service," said Murdoch.

It's because of the work of people like Murdoch and other public servants whose work often goes unseen that we can all live our lives in peace and comfort and know we are safe.

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