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Remembering the meaning of Memorial Day

Why remembering the significance of Memorial Day is important

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer. More importantly, it’s a day to reflect on the memory of all those in the armed services who have died for our freedom. Some people will be sharing stories of those they knew in the military who lost their lives and stories of their own experiences.

People who served in the military or family and friends whose loved ones lost their lives in serving our country want others to appreciate and remember that the freedom and liberty we enjoy is because brave soldiers have fought and sacrificed for us. Freedom comes at a price. Freedom is not free. For those who don’t know much about the military or the history of our country fighting to maintain our freedom, it’s important to some to make it’s valued. Armed forces today continue to fight for our freedom.

When people share stories, they’re sharing what’s significant or important about their experiences. You’ll tend to hear the repeated themes in their stories. It’s good for you to notice and reflect on them. When you do, then they’ll feel like you get it.

Sharing stories is a way to preserve history, particularly from the view of the storyteller. For those who served, family members of those who served, and people who appreciate the armed services, share stories and experiences so others will remember too. Think about sharing with the younger members of the family who tend to get more removed from it by generation. It’s a way for those closest always to remember and pass along through generations.

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