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How to report a scam or robocall in the state of Texas

The Attorney General is working on cracking down on robocalls. Here's how you can report them.

TEXAS, USA — Robocalls are becoming more and more common, but relief might be in sight.

Along with other states, Texas is working on cracking down on those pesky robocalls.

While there are a variety of steps you can take, like registering on a Do Not Call list, scam calls can still slip through.

Now the Attorney General has made it possible to file a complaint on these calls.

On the website, there is an easy link for how to report a scam as well as how to report a violation of a state or federal Do Not Call list.

The AG's website also provides a list of ways to help people spot scams.

If you haven't signed up for a Do Not Call list, the website features easy links to help you do so online or by mail.

It's worth remembering however it may take a while for the calls to stop. On average in Texas it takes two to three months for the request to be activated and the calls to stop.

For more information you can visit the Texas Attorney General's website.


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