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How to keep mosquitos away this summer

The biggest tip is to eliminate any standing water so the insects can't reproduce.

MIDLAND, Texas — With temperatures ramping up, one of nature's biggest pests are making their return: mosquitos.

The issue is so bad this year places like Big Spring are planning to spray pesticides to try and get ride of the insects.

But is there anything you can do to try and keep the mosquito infestations from popping up this summer?

The biggest step is to remove any amount of standing water.

"Eliminate any standing water around your property and this also includes things like indoor standing water as well, whether it be water in the toilet or water in the sinks or drain taps or water in the fish tank or something like that," Michael Nickell, Museum Scientist for Sibley Nature Center said.

Even a tiny amount of water will allow for mosquitos to reproduce, so there are endless possibilities to where they can populate.

However, it's important to remember while mosquitos are annoying, they serve a big role in the West Texas ecosystem.

Mosquitos are part of the diet for birds, reptiles, fish and all sorts of animals in our area.

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