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What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

We asked people across the Basin what the holiday signifies.

MIDLAND, Texas — It's that time of year, when many of us are gathered over a big meal covered in gravy.

But it’s also a time of year when we get a moment to breathe, pause and acknowledge all the good around us.  

So I asked West Texans: what are you grateful for? 

"I’m grateful for my family and to be alive," Andrew De La Rosa said.

"Coming through the pandemic the past year-plus, I’m grateful for my health. Being able to run a 5K on Thanksgiving day. My family, my girlfriend, still having a job… there’s just a lot I’m thankful for," Chidera Ugwu said.

"We’re grateful that we have our new baby. And he’s just three months old today, and we are just super grateful we can be here with family and hang out with everyone," Jessica Payne said.

"I’m very grateful for our son, he was born happy and healthy and he’s really just the light of our life right now," Caleb Payne said.

"I’m grateful and thankful to just be alive. With the pandemic and everything that has happened. I’m a future nurse. I graduate in December, and I will be a nurse and I have seen a lot that has gone through the hospital, so I’m really just grateful for life," Laneka McLean said.

For many, Thanksgiving means more than just a day off from work. 

"Thanksgiving is important to me, being Native American. So I have a little different take on it. This is a time where we can get together and spend time with each other, just telling each other what they mean to us," Caleb said.

“A lot of times we go through our day-to-day lives, some things we might think are simple or small we might take for granted. I feel like Thanksgiving really gives us that time to maybe think back and reflect on really be appreciative of all that we have no matter how big or how small those things are," Chidera said.

“Well, when I think of Thanksgiving I think of everyone coming together and eating yummy food and taking naps," Jessica said.

Family, life itself is all great… but so is the food on Thanksgiving.  

“I would say desert wise, pumpkin pie. And then meal wise, mac and cheese. Mac and cheese, you can’t go wrong with mac and cheese,"  Chidera said.

“I’ll probably go with the stuffing," Caleb said.

“Sweet potatoes, definitely," Jessica said.

“My boyfriend is actually grilling the Turkey this year. So I’ve never had grilled turkey before. So I’m really excited for that with you know a little side of mac and cheese and some rolls," Laneka said.

NewsWest 9 verified, and stuffing and gravy are definitely the best Thanksgiving foods (just kidding, that was only verified by Sammi Steele).

In all seriousness, we have a lot to be grateful for here in the Basin.

But here is my challenge for you, channel your inner Thanksgiving each day. Take a moment to stop, look around and appreciate who and what you have.