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American Legion 430 holds 'Let Freedom Ring' event to celebrate 4th of July

Following the Odessa 4th of July Parade, participants, spectators and veterans got to enjoy an event with food, live music and vendors.

ODESSA, Texas — Odessans enjoyed music, some good food and family fun time for Monday's celebration.

“We’re celebrating the birthday of the nation," said Sean Glaspell.

The American Legion, along with the Odessa Multi-cultural Committee and Odessa's Downtown Lions Club, have put on the city's first "Let Freedom Ring" event. 

“I really want to feed our parade participants and I really want to do something that’s family oriented for the Fourth of July and that you can actually bring your family to," said Monica Cervantes.

Ellen Springfield loves the 4th of July. 

"I have been a fan of the 4th of July since I was an itty bitty kid," Springfield said.

Independence Day is a day that  makes her proud. 

"Oh my gosh I just feel so many good things. I’m here with my friends. I’m meeting new people. It’s nothing you can put into words. But God, it’s good to be an American," said Springfield.

However, it's even more special for people who served this country, like the veterans at the American Legion. 

"Today means a lot to me because my father served and he was a Korean War veteran and I wanted to be like him so I followed his footsteps," said Leon Humphries, veteran at American Legion 430.

"It’s a great feeling when someone says thank you for your service. Or when a little kid says thank you for your service sir. You’re welcome," said Tony Morgan, veteran at American Legion 430.

Through the veterans and families' celebrations here, they're letting freedom ring. 

"We’re celebrating the birthday of the nation but also we’re also remembering those that didn’t come back and with a gathering like this I’m hoping they’re looking down from heaven and smiling and seeing us coming together and having a great time. Odessa strong and let freedom ring," said Glaspell.

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