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Blessing box bringing hope to Monahans community

"As long as I'm able I'm going to fill it up and as long as people are able I hope that they come and fill it up also."

MONAHANS, Texas — Ashley Arroyo is giving her hometown the one thing we all need right now: hope.

She and her family built what’s called a blessing box.

The concept is not new to West Texas. 

Ashley said she based hers off of a box she saw in Midland off of Main and Pennsylvania.

"It was kinda crazy how it finished yesterday. Especially with everything going so crazy, but like a huge lesson for us in our home is that it’s not about us. I try to teach the kids that ... Life isn’t about just taking everything that you can for yourself, but we’re supposed to represent Jesus," Ashley said.

That's why she has turned her focus towards helping other people rather than worrying about herself.

"I hope that people can realize that we’re lucky, those of us that get to go to the store and get what we need and we need to remember the people that can’t," Ashley said.

That’s exactly what this blessing box delivers-a discrete place where people can grab household staples, from canned to paper goods.

"I just feel like if it were me that needed something, I think I would want a place to go that was private, that there wasn’t somebody taking account of what I needed or what I was going to take," Ashley said.

She said she’ll be filling up this box as long as she’s able to and hopes others do the same.

"If you have an idea that’s going to help your community to do it, don’t hesitate. There’s people that have the resources," Ashley said.

You just have to be creative. 


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