Orlando Pride soccer player Carson Pickett was captured bumping elbows with 2-year-old fan Joseph Tidd in a photo that has now gone viral; Pickett calls the young boy a role model because he understands her in a way that others don't, CBS says. 

The photo was posted on June 5, showing Pride defender Carson Pickett fist-bumping 1-year-old Joseph Tidd. The family says Tidd met Pickett about a month earlier and since the photo, the two fist-bump after almost every game.

Joseph’s mother Colleen Tidd scrambled to capture the moment on camera while Joseph’s dad held him.

“In those situations, I want to be in the moment,” Tidd said in an interview with the Washington Post Tuesday about the photo that’s gotten a lot of attention. “But then I realized, ‘Well, this is adorable.’ ”