MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — It's a story that went national -- a communication mistake cost a central Georgia cake designer her job at Dairy Queen.

In the week that ensued, Cassandra Walker's firing over a 'Moana'-marijuana mix-up became the butt of a joke.

ORIGINAL STORY: Milledgeville woman orders 'Moana'-themed cake, gets marijuana design by mistake

While people laughed online at a 'Moana' cake order being returned as a marijuana cake, the human element of Walker's mistake received less attention -- a mother of two was without a job to support her family.

She told 13WMAZ that one of the managers contacted her and invited her to come back to work, however she turned them down because, she says, it took them too long to do the right thing.

Now, Walker knows what she wants to do next; she just needs your help getting there.

In a GoFundMe launched late Tuesday, Walker announced her intentions to go to baking school.

In the fundraiser, she writes, 'This (Dairy Queen) was the only place I could show off what I could do, but I'm a hard worker.' After all, she has been designing cakes since 2002.

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She's asking for your support because she won't give up.

"If you support me, you won't regret it because I won't give up on my dreams," she wrote. "I know this won't be an overnight process, but I'm willing to put in the work."

The ball's in your court (err, cake's in the oven?), America. Here's the GoFundMe.


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