MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Christmas week was not a good one for health inspectors in Odessa. There were no top performers for the week of December 24 through December 28. However, there were two low performers. Meanwhile, Midland had no reports for us to review for this particular week.

Buffet King at 4101 E. 42nd St. in Odessa was cited for the following:

  • - Hand wash sink used for other purposes
  • - Hand wash sink needs soap, paper towels & sanitizer
  • - Raw chicken not being kept cool enough in cold hold
  • - Some food not labeled/date-marked
  • - Rubber gloves kept over sauces
  • - Employee food kept with restaurant food
  • - Meat not being stored in containers
  • - Meat not wrapped and stored on top of other meat
  • - Cooler needs to be fixed
  • - Cooked food not immediately transferred to hot hold
  • - Food not being thawed properly
  • - Gloves not being used to handle food
  • - Vents above cooking station in kitchen and sushi bar need cleaning
  • - Walk-in cooler and freezers need cleaning
  • - No certified food manager on site
  • - Personal drinks not covered with straws
  • - Food in kitchen not covered
  • - Food in cooler not covered
  • - Food stacked on top of each other with no barrier

This resulted in the health inspector giving Buffet King a 73 on their health inspection.

Chinese Kitchen at 3183 E. University Blvd. in Odessa was cited for the following:

Restaurant Report: Two low performers in Odessa
Chinese Kitchen (Source: Google Maps)
  • - Food not thawed properly
  • - No certified food manager
  • - Not all employees had food handler cards
  • - Microwave and other equipment needs cleaning
  • - Food storage containers not labeled
  • - Some food not covered in cooler
  • - Not keeping proper time logs while using time as public health control
  • - Chicken not stored, cooled properly
  • - Some food not labeled/date-marked
  • - Not cooling/heating some food properly
  • - Wiping cloths stored on meat slicing machine

This resulted in the health inspector giving Chinese Kitchen a 78 on their health inspection.

As we mentioned, there were no top performers for the week.