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Restaurant Report: Four low performers in Odessa

There were four low performing restaurants in Odessa for the week of February 25 through March 1.
Alfredo's Paleteria (Source: Google Maps)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The end of February was a much busier week for health inspectors in the Permian Basin. After a week with only top performers, there were several low performers for the week of February 25 through March 1.

Alfredo’s Paleteria at 410 W. University Blvd. in Odessa was cited for the following:

  • Food not date-marked
  • Dirty plastic tray used for prepping vegetables
  • Food not covered
  • Entire facility needs cleaning
  • No soap, sanitizer & paper towels
  • Food handler cards not provided
  • Hands not being washed after handling food
  • No certified food manager
  • Personal food not kept separate from employee food
  • Holes in wall need patching
  • Ceiling tiles need replacing
  • Current health permit not posted
  • Gloves not being used to prep ready-to-eat food
  • No thermometers in coolers/freezers
  • Ware washing not using sanitizer

This resulted in the health inspector giving Alfredo’s Paleteria a 72 on their inspection. However, inspectors went back a few weeks later and everything had been corrected.

Mr. Gatti’s Pizza at 2750 N. Grandview Ave. in Odessa was cited for the following:

Mr. Gatti's Pizza (Source: Google Maps)
  • - Items in cooler not date-marked
  • - Not all drinks had straw and lid
  • - Bulk food containers not labeled
  • - Some food not thawed properly
  • - Doors not kept on cold unit to keep food cooled properly
  • - Ware washing sink need to be set up with wash, rinse, sanitize
  • - Filters not in place on some equipment
  • - Some food not kept at proper cold hold temperature

This resulted in the heath inspector giving Mr. Gatti’s Pizza an 85 on their inspection.

Fuddruckers at 4101 E. 42nd St. in Odessa was cited for the following:

Fuddruckers (Source: Google Maps)
  • - No sanitizer at rear hand wash sink
  • - Employees eating cookies off cookie tray
  • - Interior of microwaves dirty
  • - Out-of-date food trays in refrigerator
  • - Food in cooler not covered
  • - Two packages of meat not thawed properly
  • - No certified food manager
  • - Cold hold not keeping foods cold enough
  • - Several food trays mislabeled or past expiration date

This resulted in the health inspector giving Fuddruckers a 77 on their inspection.

Jason’s Deli at 3167 E. University Blvd. in Odessa was cited for the following:

Jason's Deli (Source: Google Maps)
  • - Scoop handles in food
  • - Bottle of sanitizer cleaning solution near food contact areas
  • - Hand sanitizer not at all hand wash sink
  • - Restaurant needs extensive cleaning
  • - Hand sink in front area not reaching adequate temperatures
  • - Food containers not covered
  • - Food establishment permit out-of-date
  • - Thermometers not in all coolers
  • - Chemical test strips not available near ware wash sink
  • - To-go containers placed under sink with traps
  • - Automatic ware wash sink didn’t always have solution
  • - Several roaches found in establishment
  • - Sanitation buckets not changed out regularly

This resulted in the health inspector giving Jason’s Deli a 76 on their inspection.

Despite these four restaurants, there were several restaurants with perfect scores for the week.

Here’s a look at Odessa’s top performers:

  • - MarQuette’s Cake Studio (3989 JBS Pkwy.)
  • - Great American Grill (5221 JBS Pkwy.)
  • - Wingstop (4901 E. 42nd St.)
  • - Denny’s (105 W. 42nd St.)
  • - Golden Chick (3117 Faudree Rd.)

Here’s a look at Midland’s top performers:

  • - Taqueria Chilitos (4418 SCR 1223)