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Egg prices rise nationally: How does it affect businesses in the Permian Basin?

Egg prices are rising across the US, and it's affecting the Permian Basin.

ODESSA, Texas — Nationally the prices of eggs have gone up, but not just that, prices have gone up for things businesses need for egg production, such as chicken feed and egg cartons.

“Our price for chicken feed has more than doubled since Covid had started and you don’t wanna just give chickens whatever off brands or whatever. We prefer to feed them better quality feed. So chicken feed is another cost, expense that we have that would affect prices as well… Another thing too, egg cartons have gone up in price. I used to pay 30 cents an egg carton, now I pay more than 50 cents an egg carton,” said Elisa Lara, owner of Josie's Ranch in Odessa

But while this might seem kind of grim things aren’t all bad.

“Before this we were considered kind of more on the expensive side. So now that the national average of eggs is going up, we’re now on the cheaper end,” Lara continued.

Time will tell whether prices will continue to rise or go down, but it seems the Permian Basin will do their best to adapt.

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