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How to make suncatchers

This simple project will keep your kids busy.

AUSTIN, Texas — Being a parent is always tough, but it seems a little more difficult right now. It can be hard to keep your kids busy while they stay safe at home.  

This project will keep your kids entertained, and you'll have some creative suncatchers to hang up.

Kids will need supervision with this craft because it involves a hot glue gun or drill and the oven or grill.

If you're looking to teach your kids while you do this craft, talk about colors and shapes with younger kids. Older kids can learn about states of matter. The plastic beads start as a solid when you put them into the muffin tin. As they heat up, they melt into liquid plastic, forming into the shape of the tins. Once they cool, they are back to a solid state.

We recommend using the clear beads that have glitter because they look more cohesive once melted, and they allow the sun to shine through. That being said, this is your creation, so make it how you want!

Here's what you need:

  • Pony beads
  • Muffin tin
  • Hot glue gun or drill
  • Yarn
Credit: Brittany Flowers

Step One:

Put your pony beads into your muffin tin making sure the beads are all facing the same way.

Step Two:

Most tutorials recommend taking your toaster oven outside, or using an outdoor grill so the melted plastic smell doesn't fill up your house. We couldn't figure out how to use our outdoor grill so we used our oven and opened windows for the smell to escape. We preheated to 450 degrees and it took about seven minutes for the beads to melt. Once they melted, we took them out and let them cool in the freezer. 

Step Three:

Once your beads are cool, hot glue your yarn to the suncatcher.

Step Four:

Hang up your new craft!

Credit: Brittany Flowers