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What should you do if you see animals in an abandoned place?

As hard as it might be to leave an animal without food or water, Animal Services says it could help them get rescued.

MIDLAND, Texas — When you see animals all alone in an abandoned property, most people's instinct is to help them, especially if it seems like they need food and water.

But according to Midland Animal Services, you should hold off on that.

They want the public to know that they should contact Animal Services before accidentally interfering with the investigation.

While it may sound bad to not give food and water, you still are helping the animals by calling Animal Services. This is part of procedure for the department when they're investigating cases of animal cruelty and neglect.

“If it's a complaint of no food, water and shelter they may start putting food over the fence and water, then it negates our case now when we're following up we see food and water. So the best thing for people to do is to allow animal services to do a full investigation, get that case number and follow up so that way they can still be in tune with what's going on,” said Ty Coleman, manager of Midland Animal Services.

The next step for Animal Services is to leave a 24-hour notice as part of the investigation.

“So typically, we leave a 24 hour notice for anything regarding abandonment, inadequate food, water, and shelter. After that 24 hour notice when we go to do a recheck if they still don’t have food, water, shelter or if we believe they’ve been abandoned we’ll file for a search and seizure warrant. We’ll go on the property, inspect the property for any animals that are being cruelly treated and we’ll seize those animals,” Coleman continued.

Coleman also says if any citizens see anything that looks suspicious when it comes to the way animals are being treated or anything like that don’t hesitate to contact Animal Services.

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