BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, Texas — Big Bend National Park is warning potential visitors it will be closing portions to the public for a week in August.

The Deadhorse Mountains and surrounding areas will be closed from August 11 through August 17 for visitor safety as the National Parks Service works to protect Desert Bighorn Sheep.

Part of the process to protect these sheep will include the removal of non-native Barbary Sheep. This will be done using helicopters and aerial shooting operations.

Barbary Sheep have increased significantly over the past three decades according to the NPS, and pose a threat to the much smaller population of Desert Bighorn Sheep.

The non-native species threatens biodiversity in the park and often prevent the Desert Bighorn Sheep from accessing water.

For more information on the efforts or to see a full map of the area that will be closed you can visit the National Park Service website.