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Why you should be excited for Disney+

The Walt Disney Company has been gearing up for the big launch of their new platform since it was announced in August of 2017.

WASHINGTON — Disney+ is Disney’s exclusive streaming service that launches in just a couple months, on Nov. 12. This has been in the works for a few years now, ever since the streaming races really kicked off between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO.

Within the first year of the service alone, Disney has promised 500 movie titles and 7,500 episodes of TV. Some of these will be new releases, while some are archived content that had previously been unavailable to consumers. 

The benefit here is two-fold: families with children will now have a streaming service comprised entirely of family friendly content, and folks without children will have plenty of great content options available.

Marvel and Star Wars have announced exclusive series’ premiering on Disney+ that include: "The Mandalorian", an Obi-Wan Kenobi series, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", "Loki", and "WandaVision" (just to name a few). 

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This platform allows the cinematic universes of Marvel and Star Wars to expand in ways that might not have made it to the movie theaters. This will allow for more creativity across the board – more diverse stories, diverse storytellers, and narrative content.

Some of the most exciting upcoming releases, however, are behind-the-scenes documentaries and docu-series’ peeking behind the magic of Disney filmmaking and into the world of Disney Parks. 

For super-fans (like myself), this is the proverbial golden ticket. Additionally, Disney will be creating reality competition shows such as "Be Our Chef" – a family cooking competition that takes place in Disney World.

These examples are just a small sampling of all that Disney+ will offer and the variety of upcoming content is exactly why you should be excited about Disney+. 

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The Walt Disney Company has a wide network of brands and companies under their expansive umbrella and this platform is a great way to feature and expand these brands in ways that are more accessible than traditional blockbuster movies or cable TV events. I imagine for a lot of people and their families, this will become a go-to source for high-quality, entertaining, family-friendly content.  

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