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Tips to stay safe shopping for new video game consoles

If you end up having to buy the console second hand, take safety measures to avoid a scam

TEXAS, USA — Is the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X on the top of your holiday shopping list?

Well if it is, you may need a stroke of luck to get it into your cart.

Retailers across the country have sold out of the systems after selling millions the first week.

Several retailers have restocked since and sold out again in minutes, if not seconds.

Those who have gotten them can consider themselves lucky, as demand remains sky high with out the supply needed.

This by no surprise, has opened up a major second hand market where scalpers have relisted the consoles with major mark up on popular social media marketplaces.  

A quick browse reveals consoles being relisted at anywhere from $800 to $1,500 and even more.

While those prices certainly aren't for everyone as Christmas crawls closer, some capable parents and determined gamers will likely end up taking the financial hit to get the new consoles under the tree.

Though, police want to warn that these peer to peer hand off transactions can be dangerous.

In some cases, these deals involving large sums of money, will entice thieves to try and scam their way through sneaky or violent means to rip off either a buyer or seller.

That's why police say done ever produce any money until the product can be seen.

Meet in a well place, preferably where there is surveillance camera coverage.

Don't send any money via peer to peer payment apps until product is received.

Keep in mind, in Midland and Odessa, the department headquarters have safe exchange zones with cameras and often times armed guards.

If you do find a store online with stock, make sure it is a secure website with "https" in its web address, and police want you to remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Though through whatever means you do your holiday shopping be sure to check your bank account and credit card statements frequently to ensure scammers aren't targeting your personal information.

Report irregularities to both your provider and law enforcement.