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Pup celebrates birthday with Whataburger-themed 'pawty'

Louis Vuitton turned another year older surrounded by Whataburger-themed decorations.

LUBBOCK, Texas — Everyone's a fan of Whataburger, but these pups from Lubbock might just be the Texas-based fast food restaurant's biggest fans of all. 

In a video posted by Mike Gallagher to Whataburger's Facebook page, Louis Vuitton and Chanel can be seen in the back of an SUV enjoying Louis's epic Whataburger-themed 'pawty.'

The video shows the pups surrounded by Whataburger-themed decorations, including Whataburger glasses, a Whataburger sign that says 'Happy Birthday' and quite a few Whataburger balloons. 

Chanel adorned a bowtie with the Whataburger logo as he sat on the other side of Louis's Louis Vuitton-themed cake. 'Big Lou' turned five years old. 

The SUV was even parked outside of a Lubbock Whataburger! 

Happy Birthday, Big Lou!

WHATABURGER PAWTY.....Louis Vuitton & Chanel....with his Louis Vuitton Cake at Lubbock Texas WHATABURGER