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Mustang Country BBQ in Andrews provides a unique drive-thru experience for its customers

Big semi-trucks are able to go through a massive doorway to easily grab their food and get back on the road.

ANDREWS, Texas — Mustang Country BBQ has been providing a different experience for its customers looking to get some brisket, ribs and chicken. 

The BBQ spot in Andrews has a massive drive-thru, which allows big semi-trucks the opportunity to stay in their vehicles, grab their food and make their way back onto the road. 

"This shop is just unbelievable," Said Mustang Country BBQ owner Martin Martinez. "When people drive through and they start looking they go 'wow this is really neat I never thought I would come to a BBQ place you could drive thru and have a semi behind me waiting to pick up BBQ'."

Since opening, Pauline and Martin Martinez have been able to provide a drive-thru for truckers looking to get a quick bite and return to the road. 

"It's more convenient just driving through and it's a lot faster, easier," said Sotorro Carrillo, a customer at the Mustang Country BBQ. "It's easier just to pull in and order because other places you have to find a place to park and walk to get your order and wait for a long time."

Lee Saenz Jr. was Mustang Country BBQ's first ever customer, and he keeps on coming back. 

"I've been here since he opened," Saenz Jr said. "This is great for truck drivers because we can only access the outer loop so it's hard for us to go into town and get something to eat so it's perfect."

Martinez said they are happy to provide good BBQ to these truckers with a side of hospitality. 

"To be able to serve a good plate of BBQ to someone who's been on the road for 18 hours and they smile, Pauline here will say let me get you some extra dessert or let me give you an extra gallon of tea or do you need ice for your cooler," Martinez said. "We've been blessed that we've had drivers come all the way from California from New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma because they hear about us from other drivers and they say we have to check this out. But when you actually have an 80,000 lbs semi come through here and they order their food and drive in and we can hand it to them and they drive off smiling that is huge, that's unique and that's different. That's why we create Mustang Country BBQ we wanted something different that ppl will remember and say you know there's a drive thru for semis in Andrews."

For all the customers that come through to this unique BBQ experience, being able to grub on some BBQ and sip some tea just fills their bellies and hearts. 

"That's why Mustang Country BBQ is unique it's different we love it," Martinez said. "We've been blessed with it and we want to continue serving the community of Andrews and everybody from the state of Texas and across the country."

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