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Parade goers enjoyed this year's Midland Christmas Parade

Many came from all over to enjoy Midland's annual All-American Christmas Parade in downtown Midland. There were floats, bands, music and Santa Claus.

MIDLAND, Texas — Everyone brought their Christmas spirit as they lined the parade route for the annual Midland Christmas parade.

I like to see the floats because it has lots of creativity in it and i like to see how they're different," says 9-year-old Scarlett Wolf.

Some brought their spirit earlier than others, "probably since 11 and it was awful we are home be at 4:30 and then I looked at the information online and it said it was at 6:30 and she made us come out here to find a spot it's OK," says one member from the Trevino Family.

 Before all the fun began, parade watchers of all ages told me what they were looking forward to, "I wanna see the lights because it's gonna light up the streets and look really pretty," says Bella Desantiago.

"I'm excited to see the characters. How they dress up and look pretty. How they make their costumes," says Addie Lee. 

 "I like to look for Santa."

 "The music and the lights."

 "I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. I like seeing parades. It's good."

 These kids also say this year's parade makes them excited for Christmas. "I really like the feel the Christmas spirit all around me," says one young girl.

 "Christmastime. it's good. It's like I'm spreading Christmas cheer."

 Also Santa, they know what they're looking for under the tree this year. 

"A phone and a hover board."

"I want a new watch."

 "Probably a calendar to make off the special dates in the year."

 But before the big day arrives, they wish you all a Merry Christmas.