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Families pivot to virtual Easter egg hunts during social distancing

If you're bummed about missing your Easter egg hunt, here's a way you can have one while still practicing social distancing
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Cute little bunny sleeping in the basket and easter eggs in the meadow

The COVID-19 pandemic and  social distancing can make it difficult to celebrate Easter with family.

While many churches are still holding Easter services online through avenues like Facebook or Zoom, it can be hard to miss out on something as traditional as an Easter egg hunt.

However, many people are now taking the tradition to online spaces and you can too.

Here's how it works: fill plastic eggs with treats just like a normal egg hunt then hide the prizes around your house or yard.

Once everything is hidden, you can then use some sort of video chat like Facetime or Zoom to talk to your participants.

You then can act as a virtual tour guide, walking around your house until someone spots an egg through the camera.

Once all the eggs are found, all that's left is to enjoy the spoils from your virtual Easter egg hunt!