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Direct flights to 'Wakanda' return at Atlanta Airport | How to book a trip - sort of

The announcement comes just a day before the premier date of the second Black Panther movie, 'Wakanda Forever.'

ATLANTA — The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport has announced direct flights to Wakanda just in time for the new film's premiere Friday, according to a tweet from the airport. 

It's time to catch flights from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson for the Wakanda Forever movie premiere. What started with a simple tweet turned into a lavish trip to a fictional country. 

This will be the airline's second year in the making of the Wakandan adventure.

A joke sparked the conversation from Hartsfield-Jackson on Twitter back in 2018 when the first film debut, saying, "the bags were packed" with a photo of Wakanda on the gate monitor which ended up being the model for the tradition this year. 

The flight doesn't come with the lavish, royal suits of T'Challa and his sister, but passengers will receive "Wakanda-inspired dishes" before their flight. The Atlanta airport promises Sorghum, an African cereal grain, to grilled goat meat and rice; the airline said it would also offer all of the airline food classics like peanuts.

Of course, the world’s busiest and most efficient airport flies direct to #Wakanda. It is ATL," Former Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said in a tweet about the announcement back in 2018.

Actress Lupita N'yongo who plays a star in the movie, even replied to the airline when the tradition first began inquiring about the entertainment on the flight. The airline continued on to play on a few cultural favorites that tied into key people in the movie and in the community.

The airline said they would start the non-stop service at the Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal from gate F8 at 7:30 p.m Thursday evening.

Those interested can visit Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport in-person at gate F8.

"Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" is the second movie installment by Disney and the next story in the larger MARVEL cinematic universe. In the wake of the loss of the movie's star, Chadwick Boseman, the movie continues with the journey of the Wakanda royal family. 

The movie stars Lupita N'yongo, Angela Bassett, Letita Wright, Michael B. Jordan and more. Those who want to catch the movie on its premiere date can Friday at an Atlanta theater.

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