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'Best Man' franchise returns with new show on Peacock

We sat down with writer, director and producer Malcolm D. Lee to talk about "The Best Man: The Final Chapters".

A popular film franchise is returning, this time as a new tv show.

It started with "The Best Man", then "The Best Man Holiday". Now "The Best Man: The Final Chapters" is hitting the streaming service Peacock.

We sat down with writer, director and producer Malcolm D. Lee to talk about the franchise and how things have changed.

"This is a continuation of those two films and following those characters. As for the time in between, especially with this group of actors who are very accomplished and very busy, it was tough to get them all back together.... Trying to do a limited series which is much longer than your average movie," Lee said.

Lee tells us while the characters aren't based on anyone in particular, they do hold special meaning to him.

"The people that are represented on screen are people, or parts of people that I went to college with and are my lifelong friends," said Lee.

The limited series was a chance to expand on the story telling of the franchise, especially at a time when the characters are doing some serious "adulting."

"How do we navigate the last half of our lives? And are we going to keep going the way we've been going? We ask alot of those questions, in the series," Lee said.

But is this the end of "Best Man"? Lee said it's called the final chapters for a reason and it was time to put some finality on the friend group.

But what about the potential of a spin off?

"You never know," Lee said. "It's still a viable franchise. People are still interested in these characters, but I don't personally have anything to say with them, going forward."

All eight episodes of "The Best Man: The Final Chapters" drop on Peacock on Dec. 22.

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