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ACL 2019: KAINA brought raw emotion to her first festival appearance

Her set was about “getting in your feelings.”

AUSTIN, Texas — This article contains language that may offend some readers.

Chicago soul artist KAINA made her first festival appearance at the Austin City Limits 2019 Music Festival on Sunday.

“This is my first fest ever, so thanks guys,” said KAINA. “I’m grateful to be here with you guys.”

The audience at the Tito’s Handmade Vodka stage was grateful for a chance to get out of the sun and listen to a talented artist.

“I’m glad y’all are chilling right now because my entire set is about getting in your feelings,” KAINA told the crowd. “We’re about to get real vulnerable, so you just sit there and get hydrated, and if you can’t handle your feelings, you can just get more drunk.”

KAINA and the band supporting her filled the tent with sounds from a guitar, keyboard, saxophone, bass guitar, drum kit and, most importantly, KAINA’s beautiful voice.

“ACL, you’re sweet as hell, give you all my love,” she sang.

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While much of her music is about positive emotions and how she feels about the people she cares about, she still let her frustrations out alongside the audience with a few songs.

“This next song is about being mad about the world and the way it is right now. It’s f----- up,” said KAINA.

After that mildly political statement and song, she returned back to her emotional, “in your feelings” music.

“This next song is about regretting not kissing someone,” said KAINA. “It’s called ‘F----- Up’ because that’s how I felt.”

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KAINA’s performance was defined by her ability to convey raw emotion and share her feelings so openly with the audience. She closed her set by expressing her gratitude to the sea of festival-goers in the tent.

“Austin, thanks for being such a sweet crowd, thank you,” she said.


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