MIDLAND, Texas — Aerospace company Firehawk, who just recently opened up shop by the airport, is already testing their rockets – and successfully at that.

"So what you're looking at in the video is a full duration, full thrust test, which is kind of a big deal to go right into that," said Justin Karl, Chief Engineer for Firehawk.

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The hybrid rocket test was a complete success, just months after the testing center broke ground by the Midland Air & Space Port.

"We were able to go from, you know, first shovel full in the dirt out there, to full up testing with everything working the way it's supposed to in like three months," said Karl.

This test is just the beginning of what's to come for the aerospace company. 

"This is kind of our stepping stone into bigger and better things, always, so the idea is there will be more and more coming to the Midland test site in the coming weeks and months," said Karl. "We will swap it out for the first of our production engines, which will be in flight testing late this year."

Firehawk believes Midland was the perfect choice to help them flourish and grow.

"We were very aggressive, and there are other places that might say 'yeah right Firehawk, are you kidding yourselves?' But, Midland has embraced us, and we've tried to go ahead and run with it," said Karl.

Firehawk works with defense companies like Raytheon Missiles and Defense and Air Force Research Laboratory. As of right now, the company has raised $22 million.