Parents React to Gun Being Brought on M.I.S.D. Campus

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Tension was running high on the schoolyard on Wednesday.

"It scared me. I didn't know whether I should come up here. I know it said not to, but I wanted to come here," Concerned Parent Louise Jones, said. 

"This is an elementary school. A gun being at an elementary school is not good," Resident Dwayne Fox said. Most people agree that it's the parents responsibility to keep dangerous weapons out of reach from their child. 

"I just can't believe the parent's have a gun within reach of the children," Jones said. "My husband's a hunter, but they're locked up and their is no way my kids can get to them. They don't know where the key is," Jody Garmon, another concerned parent, said.

After Wednesday's wake up call, some parents are now planning on having a one-on-one talk with their children. "We'll be having a conversation tonight. About this situation, what to do and what not to do. This isn't something I ever had to deal with," Resident Melissa Smith, said.

No matter how you talk to your child, some agree that it all boils down to the parents and making sure dangerous weapons are kept away from young kids at home. 

"If they're going to have a gun, they need to have them locked up. I think it's crazy to think that their child might want to get their hands on it," Jones said.  It's an issue school officials will take aim at in the coming days.