Big Spring Airpark Runway Upgrades Underway

by Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - An 8,800 feet upgrade is in the works for Big Spring.  

A major runway makeover is underway that hopes to bring in bigger birds and new business.

"We are making the conversion from asphalt to concrete that will be a big plus in terms of less maintenance and last longer," Jim Little Big Spring Airpark Manager said.

The new and improved runway hopes to lure in bigger birds "What it does for us really is open some doors we didn't have in the past we could serve as a reliever route from midland international for that size airplane and opens the door for industry," he said.

Even with the seven million dollar price tag, taxpayers won't feel the pinch "The city is only paying ten percent of that overall cost so it works out quite nice we get a tremendous new runway with new capabilities for minimal cost," he said.

The project could possibly pave the way for new opportunities for the city.

"This is just another tool in our tool box to help market big spring especially the airpark which is vital for economic development," Terry Wegman with economic development said.