The Dangers of Crossing Loop 250

By Camaron Abundes   
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- It is still difficult for Leigh Ann Villareal to close her eyes, the Midland Nurse continues to replay the events of Saturday night. Villareal says she was standing on the side of Loop 250 at the scene of a rollover accident when the driver of a Dodge Neon accidently slammed into 14-year-old Abell Junior High Student Kayla Hernandez.

"If I was going to say anything to that Mom, I would tell her [Kayla] wasn't alone. I sat with her and held her hand until the ambulance got there." Villareal said. "As a Mom, I would want to know that."

Police say it all started when the driver of an SUV swirved and flipped, trying to avoid several teens crossing the Loop to get to the Tall City 14 movie theater. The teens were ticketed for failure to yeild the right of way. Just a short time after that wreck, Villareal said she noticed several other kids near the road.

Lt. Brian Bogart says it's not clear if Hernandez was crossing the Loop or wanted a better look at the first accident.

"Something I could have never ever imagined," Villareal still can't believe what happened.

According to Midland Police, it is not against the law to cross Loop 250 and unless a pedestrian interferes in some way with the flow of traffic, officers can not issue tickets.

"It's not just kids, we have had a number of fatality deaths over the years and usually it's adults." Lt. Bogart of the Midland Police Departmeny says the trouble spots are near the movie theater, the Mall and near Best Buy.

Jaywalking laws don't apply because there are no traffic lights on the Loop.

"Let's support this family, but I do think in the future there has got to be something in place to allow the citizens of Midland to cross this Loop." Villareal wants to see this tradgedy, not blamed on the parents, but on finding a way to make Loop 250 safer as a community.