Warrant Round-Up Begins for Midland Police Officers

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Anyone who hasn't paid their tickets in the past may be on Officer Ralston's list. More than 150 agencies throughout Texas are tracking down anyone with outstanding warrants this week.

"We mail notices at the begining of this year to everyone, so now it's time to go back up and bring them in. They didn't comply with the law," Ralston said.

For Officer Ralston making his round of warrant arrests is a job that requires a lot of effort. Sometimes it takes a lot more than just knocking on the front door when looking for someone on the warrant list.

"We'll go anywhere. We'll get info from someone at a house where they've moved and we'll take that info and use it to find them," Ralston said.

Some police officers say just going by the home addresses listed alone is sometimes not enough.  Officer Ralston says often times it's difficult to catch people during the day, so if there's a work address listed that's usually where they can be found. 

For some people who have warrants out for thier arrest, a visit from Officer Ralston is no surprise. 

No matter how many doors are knocked on, there's bound to be at least one arrest made by the end of the day.