Residents Selling Their Hair for Extra Cash

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Call it what crazy, but in a today's tough economy men and women are getting lots of money for selling their hair on the Internet. is a website where people post their hair ads in hopes to get it sold for the most money. 

"I know a few people that would. If I really needed the money that bad, I might do it, but I don't have any," Hair Stylist Cristal Garcia, said.

Hair can be sold for more money if it hasn't been died or permed. Right now, the highest sold was for $2600, but some Midlanders say it's just unsanitary to sell or buy hair from random people. 

"They don't know where it's coming from. They don't know if it's clean, they don't know if it's dirty. It's just greed," J.C. Penny Hair Stylist Mindy Robertson, said.

It's not surprising to hear that in this economy, people are selling their hair for money, but others agree that donating it for a good cause is better than filling your pocket books.

"If I'm going to grow my own hair, I'd rather donate it to "Locks of Love." That's what I would do than to sell it," Midland Resident Becky Irigoyen, said.

"There's so many people that are in need of wigs and extensions that have health problems. It should be something you give from your heart," Robertson said.

Who would have thought that letting your hair down can help balance your budget.