New Overpasses in the Works for Two Dangerous Intersections

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

Help is on the way for two deadly intersections in the Permian Basin with TXDOT approving two new overpasses to improve safety.

The intersection east of Andrews will undergo a major makeover to help it shed its deadly reputation.

"There have been fatalities at these intersections citizens in the communities of Fort Stockton and Andrews been urging us for a long time to do something to keep this from happening," Glen Larum with TXDOT said.

TXDOT is using state money to improve conditions along these rural intersections of 285 and 1776 in  Fort Stockton and 115 and 1788 in Andrews

"At every rural intersection is a possibility of a fatality accident, because of the high rate of speed," Larum said. "This is just a great step forward, these are projects that we have been pushing for a long time, but its always been the question is there any money available, but now we have the safety bond, we can take advantage of that. "

The project should be complete by 2011.