New Movies Could Soon Be Filmed Outside Your Doorstep

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Soon enough more movies could be filmed right outside your doorstep.

"The movie industry is one that brings a tremendous amount of money into a community," Linda Sweatt with the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, said.

Governor Rick Perry wants to add $60 million dollars to the Texas Film Incentive Program, and West Texans could see a big pay out. 

"It would increase our economy because they would be spending money in our hotels, restaurants, and malls. So not only are we getting an occupancy tax, we're also getting a local sales tax," Sweatt said.

When it comes to the movie making industry, Odessa is a screen veteran.

"We have a walking relationship with the film industry. That we've worked with them before. We know what they need. That's helps instead of going into a community that doesn't have an idea. This gives us a plus because we have some background with working with films," Sweatt said.

Friday Night Lights, There Will Be Blood, and No Country for Old Men are just a handful of West Texas Films that have graced the big screen.

"Friday Night Lights was about Odessa, so filming some of the big scenes here made perfect sense," Anthony Ridley with the Globe Theater in Odessa, said.

Sweatt says when it comes to film locations, Odessa has more variety than any other city.

"They may be doing a film in Saudi Arabia. Some of our regional area looks like Saudi Arabia, so they might consider using parts of Odessa or the surrounding area," Sweatt said.

She says the city is ready to join the A-list.

"Odessa has applied to be a certified film city. If we get that it gives us an edge, because they will look for cities with that kind of certification," Sweatt said.

A step closer for the Lone Star State to be the next Hollywood.